List Of 10 Army Plane Crashes And Accidents of India

( 10 Army Plane Crashes ) List Of Military Plane Crashes In India In Recent Years with details. So let’s checkout List of accidents and incidents involving military aircrafts.

A major accident happened in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu on Wednesday 8th Dec 2021. An Army helicopter carrying 12 officers, including Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) Bipin Rawat, his wife Madhulika Rawat, crashed. 13 people aboard this helicopter died. General Bipin Rawat and his wife Madhulika Rawat are also among those killed.

Even before this, there have been some plane accidents in which important people lost their lives. These people ranged from military officers to leaders of political parties. However, there were some plane accidents in which big leaders narrowly survived. Let us give you information about some such high-profile plane accidents.

10 Army Plane Crashes of India

10 Army Plane Crashes

1. Indian Air Force Helicopter Crashes in Kashmir

On 23 November 1963, an Indian Air Force helicopter crashed in the Poonch sector of Kashmir. This incident was similar to what happened with General Bipin Rawat’s helicopter on Wednesday 8 December. Lt Gen Bikram Singh, Air Vice Marshal Eric Pinto, and Flight Lieutenant SS Sodhi were three other people in the helicopter in the accident. Total 6.

There was a problem of electricity and water supply in Poonch, work was going on, for which these people had gone for inspection. On the way back, the plane crashed after hitting the telegraph line near the Poonch river and all the six officers lost their lives.

2. Lieutenant General Jameel Mehmood’s Helicopter Crash

Jameel Mehmood's Helicopter Crash
Jameel Mehmood’s Helicopter Crash – 10 Army Plane Crashes

This incident is also similar to the accident of General Bipin Rawat’s helicopter. This time also the army’s Mi-17 helicopter crashed. The accident happened due to bad weather. Col MN Ahmed, Lt Laxman Tyagi, G.K. Apart from Thiagarajan and Havildar S Vasudevan, the flight pilots were also in the helicopter. Everyone died in the accident.

3. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YSR’s Plane Crash

YSR's Plane Crash
YSR’s Plane Crash (10 Army Plane Crashes)

The year 2009. On September 3, the body of the famous X CM of Andhra Pradesh Dr. Yedugudi Sandinthi Rajasekhara Reddy was found in the name of YSR. The helicopter he was in had gone missing a day earlier in the forests of Nallamalla and the next day i.e. on September 3, his body was found on the hill of Rudrakonda, some distance from Kurnool. Reddy was accompanied by four more people on board the American technology double engine helicopter Bell-430.

Everyone had died in the accident. It is said that to find the missing helicopter of YSR, the Air Force and ISRO had jointly conducted the biggest search operation. The people of Andhra Pradesh were deeply shocked after the death of YSR. There were reports in the newspapers that five days after YSR’s departure, 300 people died of heart attacks.

4. Gujarat CM’s Plane Shot Down By Pak Fighter Plane

19 September 1965. There was a war going on between India and Pakistan. Balwant Rai Mehta, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, was in the helicopter along with four others. This region was the Rann of Kutch. That is, around the battlefield. Shortly after take-off from Mithapur, when Mehta’s helicopter reached near the Kutch runway, a Pakistani fighter jet intercepted it and shot it down. All five people died. Kailash Hussain, who operated the Pakistani fighter jet, later apologized for it.

5. Sanjay Gandhi’s Plane crash

Sanjay Gandhi's Plane crash
Sanjay Gandhi’s Plane crash (10 Army Plane Crashes)

Sanjay Gandhi, son of Indira Gandhi and a flamboyant Congress leader of his time, was also flying his private plane named Pitts S-2A on 23 June 1980. It was a red-colored and very light engine glider. He was accompanied by Subhash Saxena, Chief Instructor of Delhi Flying Club. While performing acrobatics in the air, Sanjay brought the glider very low, after which the glider went out of control and the plane crashed in Delhi’s Safdarjung area. Sanjay and his associates died in this accident.

6. Madhavrao Scindia’s Helicopter crash

Madhavrao Scindia's Helicopter crash
Madhavrao Scindia’s Helicopter crash – (10 Army Plane Crashes)

Coming from the royal family of Madhya Pradesh, Madhavrao Scindia was a veteran Congress leader and cabinet minister. On 30 September 2001, Madhavrao Scindia was going to Kanpur in UP by helicopter. Here he was to address a public meeting. But on the way, the helicopter crashed and all the people including Scindia were killed.

7. Lok Sabha Speaker Balayogi’s Helicopter Crash

Dated 3 March 2002. Lok Sabha Speaker and Telugu Desam Party leader GMC Balayogi were traveling by helicopter. The helicopter was Bell-206. Due to poor visibility, the pilot mistook the pond as ground. And the helicopter crashed due to a wrong landing. Balayogi died.

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8. Meghalaya minister’s Plane Crash

Meghalaya minister's Plane Crash
Meghalaya minister’s Plane Crash – (10 Army Plane Crashes)

Dated 22 September 2004. The helicopter crashed minutes before landing due to bad weather. A total of ten people, including Meghalaya Minister Cyprian R Sangma and two MLAs Ardhendu Choudhary and Helton Marak, died in the accident. This helicopter named Pawan Hans had to fly only for 25 minutes. Had to go from Guwahati to Shillong. But the helicopter crashed in the Kingdom Koli area, about 40 km from Meghalaya.

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9. Haryana Minister OP Jindal Plane Crash

OP Jindal Plane Crash
OP Jindal Plane Crash – (10 Army Plane Crashes)

Dated 31 March 2005. OP Jindal, who was then Haryana’s Energy Minister, was accompanied by Agriculture Minister Surendra Singh in the helicopter. The helicopter crashed due to a technical fault, in this accident near Saharanpur in UP, all the people in the helicopter died.

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10. Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu Plane Crash

In May 2011, Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu and four others were on board a single-engined Pawan Hans AS-B350-B3 helicopter. The helicopter took off from Tawang at around 10 am on 30 April and crashed shortly after. The search began as soon as the helicopter went missing. Satellite images and infrared images of the Sukhoi-30 aircraft helped locate the wreckage of the helicopter. All the people traveling including Chief Minister Dorji Khandu died in the accident.

Similarly, in the year 1973, the plane of Mohan Kumaramangalam of Congress crashed near Delhi in which he lost his life.

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When leaders survived in plane accidents

However, many leaders were lucky in this matter. Whose plane crashed but they narrowly survived.

  1. Morarji Desai who was also the Prime Minister of the country. In November 1977, his special aircraft crashed in Assam. Traveling together was ‘PK Thangan’ who used to be the CM of Arunachal Pradesh at that time. Miraculously, both the lives were saved in this accident.
  2. In 2004, Congress leader Ahmed Patel and two Union ministers Prithviraj Chauhan and Kumari Selja were traveling together. The lives of all three people were saved in this plane crash in Gujarat.
  3. In 2006, the chopper of former Punjab CM Amarinder Singh and minister Pratap Singh Bajwa collided with the electric line. Both the people survived in this accident that happened shortly after taking off from Gurdaspur.
  4. Similarly, in the year 2001, the helicopter of Ashok Gehlot, who was the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, collided with a tree around Churu district. Ashok Gehlot narrowly survived in this accident.

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