Electric Vehicle Charging Station | How Find EV Charging Stations In India

The central government has approved setting up 2,636 charging stations in 24 states. In this, 1,633 stations will provide a fast charging facility.

The central government has approved a total of 2,636 charging stations in 62 cities across 24 states under the FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles in India) scheme.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Central Minister Prakash Javdekar said that this would give a boost to the original manufacturers for electric vehicle models. Under the second phase of the Fame India scheme, the Department of Heavy Industries had demanded Expression of Interest (EoI), so that charging stations could be set up in these cities.

Central Minister Prakash Javadekar said, 'After installing these charging stations, it is expected that charging stations can be available in these cities within a radius of 4km x 4 km. With this, users will get excited to buy electric vehicles.'

In which states how many electric charging stations approved

Under the second phase of the FAME India scheme, 317 in Maharashtra, 266 in Andhra Pradesh, 256 in Tamil Nadu, 228 in Gujarat, 205 in Rajasthan, 207 in Uttar Pradesh, 172 in Karnataka, 159 in Madhya Pradesh, 141 in West Bengal, 138 in Telangana, 131 in Kerala, 72 in Delhi, 70 in Chandigarh, 50 in Haryana, 40 in Meghalaya, 37 in Bihar, 29 in Sikkim, 25 each in Jammu, Srinagar, and Chhattisgarh, 20 in Assam, 18 in Odisha and 10 each in Uttarakhand, Puducherry and Himachal Pradesh. After the land is available for these charging stations, the approval letter will be issued in a phased manner.

Proposals Received From 106 Places

The Department of Heavy Industries had demanded Expression of Interest from big cities, smart cities, and state and union territory capitals. After this, proposals came to the government from about 106 places, in which it was said that 7 thousand electric vehicle charging stations would be built.

Fast charging facility will be available at 1633 station

After evaluating the expression of interest, the central government has approved 2,636 charging stations. Those who have been approved include 19 public units from 24 states. Of these, 1,633 charging stations are fast-charging stations, while 1,003 are slow charging stations. Preparations are being made to install about 14,000 chargers in select cities.

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