Top 10 Best Army Vehicles - India's 10 Most Powerful Military Vehicles

Top 10 Best Army Vehicles 🔥🔥

This is a list of some of the present army vehicles used by the Indian Army. Most of the army under the control of Ordnance Factories.

At the same time, military logistics has played an important role in strengthening the country's military, which helps the army to reach far-flung areas. Let's know about these vehicles use in the army.

Here India's Top 10 Best Army Vehicles

  1. Tata Merlin LSV
  2. Viper
  3. Tata MPV
  4. Mahindra Marksman
  5. Windy 505
  6. Ashok Leyland Medium Bullet Proof Vehicle
  7. MEVA Straton Plus
  8. Tata Kestrel
  9. Renault Sherpa
  10. Mahindra MPV

Top 10 Best Military Vehicles In India

1. Tata Merlin LSV (Light Support Vehicle)

Tata is making these vehicles, especially for the army. Maruti Gypsy is followed by Tata Merlin and Tata Safari. The roof of the Merlin is fitted with a 7.6 mm medium machine gun and a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher. It also helps in carrying out the supply of military squads easily.

Top 10 Best Military Vehicles In India
Top 10 Best Military Vehicles In India

The Merlin provides STANAG 4569 Level-1 protection on both sides and back, the highest among NATO standards. The Tata Merlin features a 3.3-liter liquid cool direct injection engine. Which generates 185 bhp at 3,200 rpm and 450 Nm of torque at 2,400 pm.

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2. Viper

Sri Lakshmi Defense Solutions is manufacturing this very safe vehicle. It is the first high-end military vehicle make in India, which comes with bullet, landmine, and blast-proof capabilities. It can also suffer heavy hitting while walking. It has a seating capacity of six commandos.

Top 10 Army Vehicles India

Its inner walls are made of ballistic sheets.   The car is designed with B7 + rate armor. The lower panels in it during an encounter act as a bulletproof shield. The car has been provided with lower armor stall panels which can be removed and used as a blast shield in an emergency. 

3. Tata MPV

Best Military Vehicles In India
Tata MPV

Tata MPV Coming with 4 × 4 capability, this multi-purpose vehicle is equipped with the capability to withstand bullets, land mine, and grenade. It is powered by a diesel engine of 242 bhp, which gives a speed of 80 kmph. It is capable of working in any kind of locality. The military often uses it during an encounter.

4. Mahindra Marksman

After the 26/11 terror attacks, Mahindra started the construction of this vehicle. It is currently used in Force One, Kolkata Police, CISF, and the Indian Army. Mahindra's Marksman is a bulletproof vehicle that can seat 6 people comfortably.

Indian Army Vehicles
Mahindra Marksman

This car also has several firing points and machine-gun points with 360-degree visibility. It has a 2.6-liter turbocharged CRDe diesel engine that generates 150 Bhp of power and 228 Nm of torque. Its top speed is 120 km per hour. It is used during a terrorist encounter in Jammu and Kashmir.

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5. Windy 505

What Is The Best Military Vehicle In The World?
Top 10 Best Army Vehicles

This is the first such vehicle that is patent by the Indian Army. It builds by the Army's Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps. Many surveillance equipments including a medium missile gun (MMG), GPS have been installed in this vehicle.

6. Ashok Leyland Medium Bullet Proof Vehicle

Top 10 Indian Army Vehicles
Ashok Leyland Medium Bullet Proof Vehicle

This military security vehicle of Ashok Leyland uses during the Red Corridors. Due to its excellent ballistic and blast protection feature, it can withstand eight kg explosives. It has a 360-degree PTZ camera, which can also record an hour of video surveillance. It can travel up to 10 people and comes with an HVAC air distribution system.

7. MEVA Straton Plus

Top 10 Best Indian Military Vehicles
MEVA Straton Plus

Mahindra has made this vehicle together with Ford. It is powered by Ford's F550 6.7-liter turbocharged diesel engine, which gives 300 bhp of power and 894 Nm of torque. This comes with Light Ordered Vehicle (LAV) and Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) versions. It can carry 12 people. This gets separate seat belts and cabin AC with a tire inflation system and heavy-duty suspension features.

8. Tata Kestrel

Top 10 Best Military Vehicles
Tata Kestrel

The defense division of Tata Motors and DRDO have jointly built this vehicle. It has a turbo diesel engine with a capacity of 600 Bhp. Apart from this, it has a special feature of anti-mine and IED protection. In such a situation, it can also run on flat tires.

9. Renault Sherpa

Renault Sherpa is currently used by NSG and CISF. This car is very aggressive in looking. It gets a 4.7-liter turbo diesel engine that generates 215 Bhp of power and 800 Nm of torque. The weight of this car is about 11 thousand kg.

Top 10 Best Military Vehicles In World
Renault Sherpa

Even with all the army armor, its speed can go up to 110 km / h. The fuel tank of the Sherpa is also quite large. This car can run up to 1,000 km on a full tank.

10. Mahindra MPV

Indian Army Vehicles
Best Military Vehicles In India

Apart from the Tata MPV, the Indian Defense Force is also using the Mahindra MPV. Which has been built by Mahindra & Mahindra & Defense Land System? This particular vehicle use in anti-terrorism and anti-Naxal operations. It has a seating capacity of 18 people and can withstand a blast of 14 kg.

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