Nitrogen in Tires - Nitrogen vs. Air Tires | Are Nitrogen Filled Tires Worth It?

Nitrogen in Tires - If you are going on a long drive, it is beneficial to fill nitrogen air instead of normal air in the tires of the vehicle.

It is often seen that before taking the car on a long drive or the highway, it is advised to fill the tires with nitrogen air. Nitrogen air in the tires is now being filled for free.

Nitrogen vs. Air In Tires

First, for this, 20-25 rupees per tire are charged. Compared to normal air, which is soblems such as Humidity are always present with normal air, due to which there is every possibility of damage to the tires of the vehicle. Apart from this, the pressure of tires is also affected.

The performance of the vehicle is also affected during the journey. Not only this, but it also has a wrong effect on the rim or alloy wheel in the tire.


Whereas by putting nitrogen air in the tires, the oxygen present in the tire gets diluted as well as the amount of water present in the oxygen is eliminated.

It also has the advantage that the rim of the tire is not damaged. Nitrogen air is colder than normal air, due to which the tires perform better in all seasons. It is also convenient to drive.

Putting nitrogen air increases the life of tires, as well as increases in mileage. The safety of tires is considered to be better in terms of handling and nitrogen and it lasts longer.

Also, there is no need to fill again and again. Nitrogen air is used in the tires of every vehicle running in Formula One race. The use of nitrogen gas reduces the chance of tire burst by about 90 percent.

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