2020 Jaguar XE Facelift Petrol: Review, Specs, Features, And Price

2020 Jaguar XE Facelift Petrol: Review, Specs, Features, And Price
Jaguar Land Rover has launched its new vehicles in every different segment for three months in a row: Jaguar XE Facelift (December 2019), Range Rover Evoque (January 2020) and Land Rover Discovery Sport (January 2020).

As you may have initially learned, Jaguar XE facelift was first launched which now comes with new changes, latest technology, and powerful BS6 petrol and diesel engine. However, we only drove the petrol P250 SE top-spec variant after which we were really surprised by the performance and luxury look of this vehicle. Compared to the old model, many major changes have been made in it and it has been fully prepared for the year 2020.


The company has done a great job in the design and looks of the new Jaguar XE facelift and it looks very flamboyant and agile from the front. Something like a wild cat is ready to pounce on you. Along with sporty looks, it now looks quite luxurious too. Compared to the old model, it has given thinner LED lights.

2020 Jaguar XE Facelift Petrol: Review, Specs, Features, And Price

The bumper is new and has slightly enlarged the grill, which looks quite good on this vehicle. Apart from this, with the new logo, this vehicle now looks quite premium. Talking of the side profile, the 7-spoke alloy wheels get new ones here. Such alloy wheels companies show more level in their concept models, but these alloy wheels that come with the production model give a very good look.

It looks quite agile due to the long and low stance over 4.5 meters. At the same time, if you talk about its rear, then here too, new bumpers and dual exhaust are given in chrome finish. However, you get a bumper of plastic, due to which cost-cutting is seen, but it looks quite good on it. Overall, its design looks quite premium all around.


If we talk about the second line in the interior of Jaguar XE facelift, then the tall person may have some difficulty in taking entry here. It is a baby Jaguar so it gets slightly less space for the rear seats. Legroom and headroom may seem a little low, but if your height is less than 5.5, you get plenty of rest here. If you want comfort on the back seat in this vehicle with the driver, then it gives you complete rest, but here you get a little space problem.

2020 Jaguar XE Facelift Petrol: Review, Specs, Features, And Price

Although the company has given the option of seat belts for three people on the rear seats, only two people can sit here comfortably. Jaguar XE is rear-wheel drive, so axle for rear wheels will be seen here, due to which the person sitting in the middle will have to face some trouble to keep his feet. There is also a large armrest with two cup holders for the rear passengers.

Apart from this, if you want to buy Jaguar XE to run, then you get a lot here. As soon as you come to the driver seat, you will feel like you are sitting in a sports car. This time the company has given a Sport Shift Selector which is inspired by Jaguar's F-Type. In the old variants, you used to get a rotary dial gearshift, which has now been replaced. Apart from this, if you see the entire texture of the interior, it looks completely new.

Overall, you will feel like it comes with a completely fresh cabin. You will find good quality materials everywhere. On the center console, you get a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system with a high resolution. Apart from this, you will also find a wooden finish with a piano black finish, which makes the center console of this vehicle quite premium.

2020 Jaguar XE Facelift Petrol: Review, Specs, Features, And Price

In it, you also get a virtual instrument cluster, which now comes with Connected Navigation Pro. Its interface looks completely new. The steering is also good and here also the leather has double stitching like a dashboard. At the same time, if you talk about its steering mounted controls, they look very good, but they are a bit difficult to access while driving. Also, the front seats get electrically adjustable in 12 ways and the headrest can be adjusted in two ways. It gets 410 liters of boot space, which may be enough for this Jaguar, but the BMW 3 Series has a very low 480 liters boot space.


The Jaguar XE facelift comes with two engine options. The company has given its 2.0-liter engine petrol and diesel engine. We drove the Jaguar XE P250 SE variant which comes with a turbocharged petrol engine. This engine generates the power of 248 bhp and torque of 365 Nm. At the same time, if it competes with the 2.0-liter petrol engine of the BMW 3-Series, it generates 255 bhp power and 400 Nm torque. The Jaguar XE seems to be lagging behind in terms of 3-series power output, but the Jaguar XE petrol also seems to be giving a full competition while running.

2020 Jaguar XE Facelift Petrol: Review, Specs, Features, And Price

The engine comes with 8-speed automatic transmission. It has four drive modes - Rain / Snow, Eco, Comfort, and Dynamic. Apart from this, you also get the engine start-stop function. Depending on the modes, the driving behavior of this vehicle looks quite different. As soon as you run it on dynamic mode, it starts giving you a sporty feel, the exhaust sound changes and the steering wheel also looks a bit tight.

Paddle shifters do a tremendous job on this mode over gearshift. On the eco mode, it looks quiet and during this time it claims to give good mileage in traffic on urban roads. The engine starts to get a bit tired on the Comfort mode, but this vehicle claims to give a much better ride quality on this model. The suspensions are also very soft and provide a lot of comfort to the passengers sitting inside. Not only this, for those who like to ride on the back seat comfortably by keeping it a driver, this vehicle proves to be much better.

As a safety feature, the company has provided 6 airbags, lane keep assist, park assist and all surface progress control (ASPC). Apart from this, if you talk about its rear camera, then it also comes with a higher resolution.


2020 Jaguar XE Facelift Petrol: Review, Specs, Features, And Price

The BMW 3-Series was also launched last year and came to India with a completely new generation model. The 3-Series price starts at Rs 41.4 lakh. Whereas, Jaguar XE has an initial price of Rs 44.98 lakh. There is a difference of about 3.58 lakh rupees in the prices. But we think that the buyer of this segment does not think much about the prices. In the BMW 3-Series, you get many features and a powerful engine, but if you talk about Jaguar XE, then it looks quite beautiful and agile. Along with this, it is available in the Indian market at better driving dynamics and premium sport sedan prices.

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