Tata Stryder Cycle India - Road Cycle Launches Gelon Mountain Bicycle

Tata's Stryder Cycle

Tata's Stryder Cycle Launches Gelon Mountain Bicycle - Details & Price

India's popular bicycle manufacturer Stryder Cycle (100 percent subsidiary of Tata International) has launched its new mountain biking bicycle "Gelon" series. The Gelon series falls in the mountain biking (MTB) segment and has five models launched in different sizes, such as 24"- Gelon, 26"- Gelon, 26" - Gelon (3.00" tires ), 26"- Gelon (21 speed and 3.00" tires), 27.5"- Gelon, 29"- Gelon.

Every single model of Gelon has been designed with pocket-friendly features and details that will make any ride better. New Gelon is a great cycle for daily use, which is designed to give a great adventure on all kinds of routes.

The new Gelon gets new features like ergonomic design, aggressive frame geometry, superior responsive suspension fork, 60mm travel and mount for kickstand.

It wants a real mountain bike as well as a convenient and strong bike. Keeping the youth in mind, Stryder has designed the bicycle. The bicycle has a 3.00 inch "fat tire". Gelon bikes are also good for rough roads

At the launch of the Gelon series, Rahul Gupta, the business head of Stryder Cycles, said that "Gelon is a new series of Stryder in different wheel size segments.

Especially its tires help in giving better grip on the track. In addition, it is not equipped with original Shimano gear to provide control of the bicycle on difficult paths. Like our other bicycle models, it offers great quality and innovation features.


Talking about the price, the Gelon series is available at the company's Stryder dealership. The price of the Gelon model starts at Rs 10,910 (GST extra). Keeping in mind the needs of customers, different sizes have been given in it. Many colours options will also be available in it


Talking about the features, the new Gelon incorporates a number of features such as a comfortable and sporty PU saddle with quick release to adjust height, great grips with palm rest, reflectorized pedals and features such as double-walled alloy rims and double disc brakes are available for the Strong wheel.

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