Car Safety By CoronaVirus - 4 Tips To Clean The Car To Avoid Coronavirus

Car Safety By Coronavirus - How To Keep Clean The Car To Avoid Coronavirus? Now there is very important to be safe all of us by a CoronaVirus.

So we share some tips that How To Keep Your Car Clean And Coronavirus-Free and HowTo Safe By a CoronaVirus.

Coronavirus is feared worldwide. Every effort is being made to stop this dangerous virus from spreading. There is currently no vaccine available for this coronavirus.

To avoid this, we should keep our house and car clean. Here we are telling you how to clean your car to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Car Safety By Coronavirus

Car Safety By Coronavirus

1. Steering Wheel Cleaning

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it is necessary to clean the car in places that are frequently touched. Your car's steering wheel is home to a variety of viruses.

To eliminate such viruses, use a disinfectant and clean the steering wheel. Regular cleaning of the car door handles, gear shifter, AC button, radio knob, outside rearview mirror, center console and cupholders using disinfectant also.

2. Cleaning Of Touchscreen & AC Vents

Use a microfiber cloth to clean the car's touchscreen and special wipes to clean the leather surface. Also, clean the dashboard and all other places that have to touch due to some reason.

Cleaning of AC vents and floor mats is a must. Quick service or cleaning of the AC unit would be better.

3. Seat Cleaning

Car seats are a place where the virus can remain for a long time. The special thing is that the driver and passenger are constantly in contact with it.

In such a situation, it is very important to sanitize the seats of the car. Before cleaning the seats, it is better to clean the seats using wet cloth and Miles soap.

Similarly, the seatbelt straps and buttons should also cleaners. Always keep in mind that whenever cleaning the car should wear disposable gloves.

4. Keep These Essential Things In The Car

To prevent the spread of coronavirus, you must keep a tissue box, hand sanitizer, and sanitary wipes in your car. When sitting in the car and getting out of the car, use the hand sanitizer.

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