Tata Merlin LSV - The India's Best Light Strike Armoured Vehicle

Tata is testing its upcoming Tata Merlin - Light Super Vehicles. The Indian Armed Forces have the largest land-based army in the world, due to which the Indian Army is in great need of such large and highly trained vehicles in all types of areas.

Tata Merlin LSV
Tata Merlin LSV

Let me tell you, Tata has prepared his car Merlin LSV (Light Support Vehicle) to support the army. The Merlin is a light support vehicle, built according to the NATO standard. Its specialty is that it will not have any effect on the artillery, grenade, and the mine blast.

Merlin was also recently featured on the 70th Republic Day on 26 January 2019. It will be used to bring troops along and also be used on the battlefield. This vehicle is also exported to other countries. Let us know about Tata Merlin's Details in this blog.



Tata Merlin LSV

The Merlin has a 3.3-liter liquid-cooled direct injection diesel engine. This common-rail turbo engine gives the power of 185 bhp at 3200 rpm and 450 Nm of torque at 2400 pm.


The Merlin has a 4X4 four-wheel-drive system. At the same time, it has been given an advanced tire inflation system, due to which it can also run on flat tires. The advantage of this system is that it can reduce the air pressure in the tires for greater traction and if necessary, the tires can be filled with air without any external source.

Tata Merlin For Indian Army


The Merlin features hydraulic boosters with vacuum-assisted brakes on all four wheels for braking. Also, a different suspension has been given in all four wheels. The Merlin features military-grade doors and bulletproof windows.

At the same time, space has been given to keep a 7.5 mm medium machine gun on the roof, as well as a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher. Also, anti-tank missiles can be installed in it. It also has a rear wheelbase with a larger wheelbase.


Tata Merlin LSV India

Talking about the features, Tata Merlin has the safety of STANAG 4569 Level-1 on the side and rear angles. With the help of this safety, soldiers sitting inside the car can be protected from artillery, grenades, and mine explosions. The Indian Army goes through all kinds of routes, so Tata's car has been provided with advanced tires that adapt to the road. Along with this, the Advanced Central Tire Information System has also been given in this car.

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