Top 4 Best Features of Mahindra Marksman Bulletproof Army Vehicle

Mahindra & Mahindra is famous for making safe vehicles. One such particular safety vehicle that Mahindra & Mahindra has built is the Mahindra Marksman. The car is based on Mahindra Scorpio's NCGS platform.

Mahindra Marksman
Mahindra Marksman

The Mahindra Group has introduced Mahindra Marksman for security agencies to help people quickly in emergencies and deal with terrorist attacks.

Top 4 Best Features of Mahindra Marksman

  1. The Mahindra Marksman introduce in the year 2009.
  2. This SUV mainly use in counter-terrorism operations.
  3. Mahindra Marksman has B6 level protection.
  4. It is shorter than the Scorpio in terms of length

Specifications of Mahindra Marksman

1. Engine & Power

The Mahindra Marksman is a vehicle based on the platform of Mahindra Scorpio but heavily modified. The Mahindra Marksman is available with two engine options. The first engine is a 2.2-liter mHawk CRDe turbocharged inter-cooled diesel engine that provides 120 Bhp of power and 280 Nm of torque.

Mahindra Marksman
Mahindra Marksman

The second engine is 2.6-liter turbocharge diesel engine that provides 115 Bhp of power and 128 Nm of torque. Both engines are available with a 5-speed manual gearbox along with a 4x4 system with a low ratio transfer case. In Mahindra Marksman, the driver can seat six people together.

2. Dimensions

This off-road SUV has a length of 4,390mm, a width of 1,863mm, and a height of 2,030mm. It is shorter than the Scorpio in terms of length. The weight of this armored SUV is 2,600 kg. This SUV comes in 4 wheel drive options.

3. Special Features

  • Mahindra Marksman has B6 level protection, which can also withstand small arms and grenade attacks. It also protects from bomb attacks.
  • The vehicle also equippes with floor blast protection, which can withstand a blast equal to a two-hand grenade.

Mahindra Marksman India
Mahindra Marksman

It can protect the occupants from the assault of a dangerous rifle from the AK-47. Fire and grenade attack also not affects this SUV.

The B6 is a high-level safety standard, capable of withstanding many serious hazards such as from 7.62Ρ…51 (.308) to 30.06 AP (Armor Piercing) and to prevent penetrating rounds.

Many specially designed sedan cars aim at B4 and B5 protection levels, which provide considerable protection from firing. Police cars, ambulances are usually supplied with B5, B6, and B7 protection.

4. Use Of Mahindra Marksman

The Mahindra Marksman introduce in the year 2009. In 2010, it first includes in the Mumbai Police fleet. After this, various agencies of the country and abroad took service of this particular SUV.

This SUV mainly use in counter-terrorism operations such as patrolling, special military operations, and quick reaction teams. Apart from this, this SUV is also used while protecting the convoy of the army and controlling the riots.

Mahindra Marksman Price
Mahindra Marksman

Recently, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has added 6 vehicles of Armored Mahindra Marksman to its security corps, which will be used to protect Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport.

It tells that this is the first permanent bulletproof vehicle to use for the security of the international airport. However, earlier, Armored Renault Sherpa sees protecting this sensitive area.

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has handed over all six vehicles to the Quick Reaction Team (QRT). The Central Industrial Security Force has more Mahindra Marksman that they use in different places of the country.

Mahindra Marksman Indian Army
Mahindra Marksman

The CISF protects India's major institutions, such as nuclear institutions, power plants, airports, seaports, sensitive government buildings, and heritage monuments.

It's use by the police of many states in India. Its price depends on its customization, but if sources are to believe, its price can be between 25 to 40 lakhs. Mahindra also exports it internationally.

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