Maintenance Of The Bike - 10 Tips To Keep Your Bike In Good Condition

Maintenance Of The Bike - How to maintain your bike? Many of people tense with this problem. But don't worry, in this article we share 10 Things To Maintain Your Bike. You can apply it on your bike.

Whether you have a car or a bike, it always needs service and maintenance. Car is much more challenging to maintain than buying.

Just like your vehicle needs assistance from time to time, your bike needs the same type of service. We tell you some essential tips with which you can always keep your bike fit.

Maintenance Of The Bike

10 Tips To Maintenance Of The Bike

1. Engine

The most crucial part of the bike is the engine; if there is any problem in the engine, then the performance of the bike starts to deteriorate.

So make sure to service the bike on time and during the service do not forget to bank the engine oil, if the oil is black then put new oil, always check the level of engine oil.

Also, keep in mind that the engine oil is not leaking from anywhere. Riding the bike with dirty engine oil not only affects the mileage, but it also affects the life of the engine.

2. Spark Plug

Also, check the spark plug during service. Clean the carburettor after every 1,500 km, replace the spark plug after every 1,500 km in a four-stroke bike. If there is a disturbance in the spark plug, then it may be challenging to start the bike.

3. Air Filter

The air filter is also one of the essential parts of the bike. The air filter should be cleaned from time to time and replaced at the right time.

4. Clutch

Do not keep the grip too tight, if the hold is tight, then it shows that there is something wrong with the bike, so the grip must adjust correctly.

If the grip is too fast, then this puts more force on hold, which can also affect the mileage of the vehicle.

Keep free play in the hold, so that the clutch not pressed while driving the bike and there is no damage to the bike.

5. Battery

Check and clean the battery of the bike from time to time. If there is any leakage in the cell, replace it immediately.

If the bike does not run much then keep charging the battery from time to time. By doing this, the life of the bike will be longer.

6. Tires

Take special care of tire condition and air pressure. Along with this, keep the wheel balancing also done, if the tires of the bike worked out then replace it and always use the tires with grip.

7. Bike Chain

Maintaining the chain in the bike is also very important. Keep cleaning the chain from time to time. Clean the soil on it with the help of a soft brush, never wash the chain with water.

Due to this, there is a chance of rusting on the chain. Never keep the string too tight or too loose; keep checking the line with the mechanic at a time to time.

8. Avoid Frequent Washing

Many times we see that people wash their bikes repeatedly with water, but by doing this the risk of rust in your bike is very high, so avoid doing this. You can clean the car with any dry clothes or wet clothes.

9. Teflon Coating

In the new bike, make sure Teflon coating happened, dust and rain cause the bike's colour to deteriorate.

In such a situation, the Teflon coating prevents the motorcycle from deteriorating and does not allow any stains on it. These keep the bike glowing.

10. Service

Do service the bike on time, due to not doing the ceremony on time, there are many types of malfunction in the motorcycle, due to which the cost is double.

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