Vehicles Care In Lockdown – 9 Tips To Take Care of Vehicles In Lockdown

Vehicles Care In Lockdown - The 21-day lockdown is going on in the country due to Coronavirus. No one is allowed to leave the house due to any reason except emergency services in the lockdown.

Vehicles are also standing. Here we are telling you some important tips, which is very important for you.

How To Take Care Of Your Car / Bike In Lockdown Of CoronaVirus - COVID 19

Vehicles Care In Lockdown

Vehicles Care In Lockdown

1. The first and most important thing is to keep washing your car and do not let dirt accumulate. If your car cleaner is not coming, then you should do this initiative yourself and clean the car completely. Clean the exterior thoroughly with car shampoo and give a good scrub to the interior.

2. If you have a garage, use it. It will be beneficial to keep your car in it for a long time. Keeping the car in the garage keeps its paint safe and the car does not come in contact with rain and other external substances.

3. Another tip is that it is better to fill the fuel tank of your car, as there will be no moisture stored inside the fuel tank.

4. If you do n ot use your car for several days, then the battery of your car may be the first to deteriorate. By the way, this type of problem does not come quickly in modern cars. But even then if you start your car in a gap of a few days or take a few meters round then it will be better. Otherwise, you can also use a trickle charger.

5. Tires are really a big issue if your car remains parked for several days because the weight of the car loses its air. You should get the right amount of air-filled in the tires before placing them in the garage and once after driving.

6. You can disconnect the handbrake and place it on the tire stoppers instead. Try not to park the car on any slope. Applying hand brakes for a long time affects the brakes and instead, you can leave the car in gear.

7. Park the bike or scooter at the main stand. This is so that all the fluids in the vehicle like fuel and oil are present at the balance level. If the two-wheelers are parked outside the house, a disc or spoke lock can be used to protect it from theft.

8. Since the two-wheeler will remain parked for a long time, the chain, suspension, clutch/brake lever pivot points, folding pegs, keyhole, and fastener must be properly lubricated. In common language, lubricants or oils were present in them. It can be checked every 10 days whether the vehicle needs lubrication. The lubrication prevents the essential parts of the vehicle from rusting. Lubrication not only increases the life of the vehicle, but it will also work properly whenever it is taken out after being parked for a long time.

9. Make sure that your car or bike is parked safely. Where it stands, there should be a cover such as a tin shed or roof abAove. If it is not, then the vehicle cover must be installed on the vehicle. This will protect the vehicle from direct sunlight and dirt. Good quality cloth cover also prevents scratches on your car or bike.

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