Online Driving License Renewal | How To Renew Driving License Online

Online Driving License Renewal - Renew Driving License Online | Online Driving License FormDue to the lockdown in the country, very few have been asked to travel and more and more people are being requested to stay at home.

In times of such crisis, the driving licenses of some people have either expired or are about to expire soon. At present the RTO offices are closed, in such a situation there is a big problem with renewing it.

Due to the expiry of driving license, many people are not able to drive the vehicle even at the time of need. Today we have come up with a solution to renew a driving license online for such people.

By applying for an online driving license renewal, you can save a lot of your time.

The government has brought online facilities for this so that the RTO is less crowded and people can also get ease.

Online Driving License Renewa
Renew Driving License Online | Online Driving License Form

Online Driving Licence Renewal | Renew Driving License Online

  1. First of all, you can start the process of online driving license renewal by visiting this link - Click Here
  2. After going here, you will have to click on Apply Online in a left way.
  3. After that, you will have to click in 'Services on Driving License.
  4. After this keep following every step, you have to fill the application form and upload the document.
  5. After filling all these and uploading the document.

The online process is completed. After this, you do not need to do anything else and do not need to talk to any person. A few days later the new driving license will come to your address via post.

Documents required for online driving license renewal

For this, you must first download the form and fill it and scan it and upload it again.

  1. Filled Application Form
  2. Form 1A filled by a certified doctor (if you are over 40 years old)
  3. Original Expired Driving License
  4. Passport size photo
  5. Aadhar Card

The validity of a driving license is 20 years and after its expiry, 30 days is given for renewal. After this, if someone applies for renewal, then it is fine. It depends on the type of fine driving license.

If a non-transport license is renewed, it is valid for 5 years and a license for transport vehicles is valid for 3 years after renewal.

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