Top 5 Best Electric Cars In India Under 10 Lakhs In 2020

Best Electric Cars In India In 2020 | Electric cars and many of their segments will be launched in India in 2020. Not suitable for long journeys, it is a great option for daily use.

We may be far from being fully electric vehicles in India, but it can be said that we have moved forward on this path and vehicles have started being electrified. Electric cars and many of their segments will be launched in India in 2020.

Not perfect for long journeys on the highway, but it is a great option for daily use. At present, the system of charging such vehicles in our country is on a small scale, which will be a confusing thing, but the future of vehicles is electric, which cannot be denied. For your information, we have made a list of electric vehicles to be launched in 2020.

Top 5 Best Electric Cars In India In 2020

  1. Nissan Leaf
  2. Jaguar I-Pace
  3. Audi e-Tron
  4. Porsche Taycan
  5. Mercedes-Benz EQC

2020 Best Upcoming Electric Cars In India

1. Nissan Leaf

Top 5 Best Electric Cars In India
Nissan Leaf

Nissan has confirmed that the company is going to launch Leaf in India this year. It is a matter of great fact that the Nissan Leaf is the world's best-selling highway-capable electric car and will be priced between Rs 35-40 lakh at the time of launch.

The Nissan Leaf has a 40 kW battery that can run up to 400 km on a single charge. The battery pack in the Leaf generates a total of 148 bhp power and 320 Nm peak torque. While it takes 8-16 hours to charge according to capacity from a normal charger, it can be charged 80 percent in just 40 minutes with a fast charger.

2. Jaguar I-Pace

Electric Cars In India Under 10 Lakhs
Jaguar I-Pace

Another luxury carmaker that has shown interest in electric vehicles in India is Jaguar Land Rover. The company has confirmed that i-Pace will be launched in India by the end of 2020. It is a stunning electric car that has won the World Car Design Award. And the Green Car Award at the 2019 World Car Awards.

The i-Pace has two synchronous permanent electric motors fitted on the front and rear axles. They generate a total of 395 bhp power and 696 Nm peak torque. AWD system has also been provided with the car. The performance SUV takes just 4.5 seconds to accelerate from 0–100 km / h. And can run up to 480 km on a single charge.

3. Audi e-Tron

Upcoming Electric Cars In India 2020
Audi e-Tron

The Audi e-Tron first introduces at Audi's Annual Summit held in the USA and launch in India in early 2021. We estimate that the price of the Audi e-Tron will be around Rs 1.5 crore. The front and rear of the e-Tron have an electric motor with 125 kW of front axles and 140 kW of rear axles, both of which generate a total of 355 bhp power and 561 Nm peak torque. Huh.

In boost mode, the power of the car becomes 408 bhp. The Audi e-Tron can run 400 km on a single charge and has a top speed of 200 mph. In 6.6 seconds in normal mode and 5.7 seconds in boost mode, this SUV catches a speed of 0-100 kph.

4. Porsche Taycan

Affordable Electric Cars
Porsche Taycan

The curtain was removed from Porsche Taycan in 2019, which is also the company's first fully electric and sportscar. The Tarkan Mission is based on the E-concept which is equipped with two permanently synchronous electric motors that will have the capacity to generate 600 bhp power. This high voltage lithium-ion battery pack delivers the car at a range of 500 km / h in a single charge.

In just 3.5 seconds, this car catches 0-100 km / h and Porsche says that it is not only sporty but also practical. Porsche India is going to launch this electric car somewhere in the middle of 2020 in India and the estimated price of this performance SUV is around 1 crore rupees.

5. Mercedes-Benz EQC

Mercedes-Benz EQC

Mercedes-Benz will also launch an EQC electric SUV in India on the lines of Audi, Jaguar, and Porsche which will be launched in April 2020. This car is an important car to be added to the company's portfolio but till now the testing of this car has not started on the roads of India.

In such a situation, given the launch date, this car will come out for testing in the next few days. The car has a dual motor setup which is 80 kva and is equipped with a lithium-ion battery. This battery pack generates a total of 402 bhp power and 765 Nm peak torque. The company claims that it can run 400 km in a single charge and it gives in quick charging. option.

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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many electric cars will there be in 2025?

The US electric vehicles market is expected to reach 6.9 million units of sales by 2025, up from the 1.4 million unit sales forecast for 2020.

Q. Should I buy an electric car in 2021?

"Electric cars are half the price to drive per mile compared to gas-powered cars," Expert says. "An electric car is four times more efficient than a car run on petrol." Expert says that the advantages of electric cars have never been more clear.

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