‘Hammer Missile’ Indian Air Force Bunker-Buster Missiles

In this article we see Hammer Missile India ( missiles of indian air force ) Hammer Missile Range. Hammer Missile Specifications And Hammer Missile Cost all in detail.

AASM Hammer Missile is a modular weapon, which can be equipped with a variety of guidance systems like satellite guidance, infra-red seeker and laser. According to Safran, the AASM HAMMER can be fired anywhere between 20km to 70km, allowing the launch aircraft to remain out of range of enemy air defenses.

The first batch of five Rafale fighter jets from France arrived at Ambala Air Base on July 29. India has signed an agreement with France for 36 Rafale aircraft, five of which have arrived in India.

Now, these planes will not only be fighter jets but will also be fitted with Hammer Missiles along with these fighter jets. The agreement will be signed under the “Emergency Power” of the Indian Army. The missiles, which have a range of 60 to 70 kilometers, are important in the background of the growing conflict with China. Despite the short-term demand, France is ready to supply these missiles for the Rafale aircraft it is building for India.

What Is A Hammer Missile?

AASM Hammer Missile
AASM Hammer Missile

A Hammer is an Air-To-Ground missile that accurately attacks a target. “The hammer missile is easy to use from a distance,” said Safran Electronics and Defense. The company claims that the missile hits the target with the help of Guidance Kit. Moreover, these missiles never get jammed. The Guidance Kit mounted on the front of the missile is fitted with GPS, Infrared, and Laser.

The real name of the Hammer is ‘Armement Air-Sol Modulaire (AASM)’. It was called the Hammer, and the name later became popular. The full form of Hammer is a ‘Highly Agile Modular Munition Extended Range’. Hammer missiles starting at 330 kg can be mounted on Mirage fighter jets in addition to the Rafale. The Hammer missiles can destroy bunkers built in any area, such as mountain areas.

Manufacturer of Hammer Missile

The Hammer Missile is made by the French company Safran Group. Rafale aircraft engines are also prepared by this company. Safran Group has been making this missile for the French Air Force and Navy. The French military uses this missile in Rafale and Mirage 2000 fighter jets. Rafale and Mirage 2000 – both make the same company – Dassault Aviation.

Rafale Fighter Jet And Hammer Missile

Indian Air Force (IAF) played a major role in India’s victory in the 1971 India-Pakistan War. The capacity of the Indian Air Force has grown rapidly over the last 50 years. India has purchased Rafale aircraft from France, It has long-range air-to-air Meteor Missiles. These missiles will greatly enhance the capabilities of the Indian Air Force compared to neighboring countries.

India has signed 36 Rafale aircraft agreements with France. For this, India will have to pay Rs 60,000 crore. Of the five Rafale fighter jets that India has received, three are single-seater and two are double-seater. He is inducted into the Indian Air Force’s Golden Arrow 17 Squadron. In addition to the Hammer, Rafale is also equipped with powerful Meteor, SCALP, and MICA missiles. This will increase the Indian Air Force air strike capability. (Meteor is an air-to-air missile with a range of more than 150 km.

The SCALP is a long-range cruise missile with a range of up to 200 km and can be launched from aircraft to hit stationary targets on land or water. It will also have MICA missiles, which can be used for air-to-air strikes). The company that manufactures hammer missiles claims that ‘it has been very successful wherever hammer missiles use to date’. How many hammer missiles India will buy from France and at what price is it yet to be announced.

Users of Hammer Missiles

Apart from France, other nations like Egypt, Morocco, and Qatar also have hammer missiles. Also, India will be included in this list.

Features Of Hammer Missile

  1. The missile has a length of 3 meters and a weight of 330 kg.
  2. This missile can hit a distance of 60 km at hilly locations and up to 15 km at low altitudes.
  3. Hammer missiles never get jammed.
  4. Inter-operable missiles can hit multiple targets simultaneously.
  5. It can hit fixed or moving targets with high accuracy.
  6. Equipped with GPS and infrared technology, the missile can operate in all seasons during the day and night. It also has vertical strike capability.
  7. The Hammer missile operates from a range of 20 km to 70 km, meaning that the aircraft launching it can attack without getting into the enemy’s air defense range.
  8. ‘Fire and Forget’ is the major feature of this missile. That is, once the target is set and the missile release, there is no need to worry about the accuracy of the attack.
  9. In a Rafale aircraft, six Hammer missiles of 250 kg bombs can be placed at one time. All these can simultaneously destroy six targets.
  10. The maintenance cost of this missile is low.

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Use Of Hammer Missile

Hammer missiles were added to the French Army in 2007. The missiles have since been used against Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and Syria. Today, all countries are trying to increase the strength of their country. Some countries are trying their best, that is, some are inventing weapons in their own country, while others are buying weapons from their allied nations. In the future, this competition will be seen in all nations. Fighter jets, missiles, warships, submarines, and various new weapons will be needed in the future as they will show the dominance and strength of the nation.

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Q. How many missiles can Rafale carry?

Rafale can carry six AASM missiles, each of which will aim for 10 meters of accuracy. The Rafale has a twin-gun pod and a Nexter (formerly Giat) 30mm DEFA 791B cannon, which can fire 2,500 rounds in a minute. Rafale is equipped with laser designation for laser guidance of air-to-ground missiles.

Q. How many hammer missiles India is buying?

In an agreement of the government in 2016, India paid Rs. Decided to buy 36 Rafale from France. 59,000 crores Rs. This created a political storm on the opposition, alleging that the government exaggerated this value.

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