Benefits of Wider Bike Tires : Is it Good or Bad?

Getting Wider Bike Tires? then these will be the Advantages and Pros and Cons Of Wider Tires. Things You Should Know About Wide Vs. Narrow Tire | What are wide tires? The craze of bike modification is increasing among today’s youth.

The bike is being modified in many ways, in which the bike parts are also changes along with changing the design of the bike.

Wider Bike Tires

Benefits of Wider Bike Tires
WidBenefits of Wider Bike Tireser Bike Tires

Changing the tire of the bike has become a common modification, in which wide tires replace the tire. Here we will tell you what the advantages and disadvantages of having thick tires on the bike are.

It depends on how much cc the engine of the bike is. If the bike is of 100 ccs or 125 ccs, then by putting thick tires, the grip of the bike will increase, but it will affect the mileage. Installing wider and thicker tires increases the weight of the bike, which reduces distance.

Advantages of Wider Bike Tires?

By installing broader and thicker tires, the bike’s grip on the road increases because the more significant part of the tire stays on the road. By applying larger and wider tires in low power bikes, the engine has to exert more force, which affects the performance of the bike.

At the same time, wide tires see in 150 cc or more power bikes. Experts recommend that the original tires in the bike are the best according to its design and mileage. The installation of wide tires increases the pressure in the engine of the motorcycle, which affects the performance.

Get the right Tires like This

There are two types of tires, tube tires, and tubeless tires. According to the price, tubeless tires are 400–500 rupees more expensive than ordinary tires, but this gives the bike better grip and control on the road.

If the tire is punctured, the air in the tubeless tire stays for a long time, and the power of the vehicle does not deteriorate. If you are changing the tires of the bike, then keep in mind that the old tires should replace them with new tires. If the bike was already fit with wide tires, then get wide tires, and if it was thin, choose only the flat tires.

Do Wider Bike Tires ride better?

Nowadays, fake tires in the name of branded companies are quite visible in the market. So buy the tire only after checking it. You can check the tire manufacturing date and quality. See also whether the company has a hologram in the tire. It is a must to see if the casing is made in China. Be sure to check the tire warranty and take the bill.

FAQ – Wider Bike Tires

Q. Are wider bike tires better?

Smaller diameter tires have higher rolling resistance with the same inflation pressure, because tire deformation is proportionally greater. The tire is more flattened and “less round”. Wide tires tend to roll better than narrow tires.

Q. Can I put wider tires on my bicycle?

As long as you pay attention to the correct diameter size for your rim, and make sure your frame has enough clearance, you should be able to put bigger, wider tires on your bike without a problem.

Q. What are wider bike tires good for?

The wide rims and extra air volume in the tires help absorb more of the sharp hits found on chunky trails. Wider rims and tires also improve cornering and climbing traction. For riders who like the impressive traction and cushion of Plus tires, the 35-40mm rim fits the bill.

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