DRDO Bharat Drone : 6 Best Features of Bharat Drone

DRDO Bharat Drone is a light surveillance quadcopter unmanned aerial vehicle developed for the Indian Army by DRDO in 2020. DRDO has created a lot of advanced technologies for India. And now it developed DRDO’s BHARAT Drone which is proud of India.

DRDO Bharat Drone

Top 6 Best Features of DRDO BHARAT Drone

SR NO. Best Features of DRDO BHARAT Drone
1Light And Agile
2Equipped With Night Vision
3Real-time Video Recording
4Comes with Artificial Intelligence And Camera
5Capable for Working In any Extremely Climates
6Out Of The Reach Of Radar

In the ongoing border dispute between India and China, DRDO (Defence Research & Development Organization) has provided indigenously developed drones to the Indian Army.

What is DRDO BHARAT Drone?

The drone named ‘BHARAT’ has been developed by DRDO’s Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (TBRL), Chandigarh. It is designed for surveillance in high-altitude areas. Sources said that its deployment could increase surveillance in high altitude areas and hilly areas.

Let me tell you that recently on June 15, there was a violent clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley. Defense sources told the news agency ANI that the Indian Army needed a drone for accurate surveillance in the ongoing dispute in the Eastern Ladakh region therefore, it is likely to be deployed in Eastern Ladakh.

To meet this need, DRDO has made Bharat Drone provided to the Indian Army. The sources said that the Indian Army will decide which areas of the drone border will be deployed.

Best Features of DRDO BHARAT Drone

#1 Drone Is Light And Agile

DRDO sources said, ‘The small but powerful drone can operate from any location with utmost accuracy. Its unibody design and advanced release technology make it more suitable for surveillance campaigns. ‘ These drones of the Bharat series can include in the world’s lightest and active surveillance drones.

#2 Bharat Drone Is Equipped With Night Vision

Bharat Drone is equipped with a night vision facility. It can detect enemies hiding in dense forests.

#3 The Bharat Drone Can Record Real-time Video

This is a real-time video broadcast available during the drone campaign. In such a situation, this drone can prove very beneficial for India at the border.

#4 The Drone Is Equipped With Artificial Intelligence And Camera

This drone is also equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to differentiate between friends and enemies and work accordingly.

#5 Capable Of Working In Extremely Cold Climates

The Bharat Drone is designed in such a way that they are capable of working even in very cold climates.

#6 This Drone Is Out Of The Reach Of Radar

Bharat Drone is designed in such a way that even radars cannot detect it. Due to its design and technology, this drone is not detected on radar.

If we talk about Army Drones, drones belong to very different categories from small drones to big drones. DRDO first created a large drone for the Indian Army, called Rustom. In this post, we talk about Bharat Drone, it is a small drone that is lightweight but the technology uses in this drone is very advanced.

Drones mainly use for spying but in recent times many countries develop many technologies and weapons to strengthen their country. The Drones are a part of that. Drones will also use in combat in the future, so the demand for drones also increase in the future.

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