Mi-17 V5 helicopter Features

Today we see Mi-17 V5 Helicopter Specifications ( Mi-17 V5 Helicopter Price ) And How Many Mi-17 Helicopters Does India Have? in detail.

Helicopters have a unique general significance that no other defence force in the world can imagine today without helicopters. Many defence forces in the world have multipurpose helicopters with various capabilities such as navigating in any environment, flying very high in the sky, fighting with different weapons, transporting military equipment, military personnel, landing anywhere and staying in the air.

History of the Mi-17 V5 Helicopter

Mi-17 V5 Helicopter
Mi-17 V5 Helicopter

The technology of the Mi-17 helicopter belongs entirely to Soviet Russia. A Russian engineer Mikhail Mil built these helicopters in the 1950. His company named the helicopter Mi after the initials of Mikhail Mil, a number of helicopters have been manufactured under Mi initial name. Mi-17 helicopters of the same category entered the Russian Defence Forces in 1977.

The Mi-17 is considered a new modern version of the original Mi-8 helicopter. This helicopter is popular in the world as it can be used by the military for civilian use. That’s the reason Mi-17 helicopters are currently operating in more than 60 countries around the world. The Mi-17 has undergone various changes with the changing times and so far more than 10,000 helicopters have been built.

The Mi-17 helicopter joined the Indian Defence Forces in the 1990’s. The Mi-17 V5 is a modern version of the Mi-17 helicopter. Indian Defense Forces has more than 150 Mi-17 V5 helicopters. These Mi-17 V5 helicopters are manufactured by Kazan Helicopters, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters. The sling inside and outside the cabin is designed for cargo transportation.

The Mi-17 V5 is one of the most advanced and powerful transport helicopters in the world. After 2008, a new and modern version of the Mi-17 V5 helicopter was added to the Defence Forces. The Mi-17 V5 has the ability to fly in extremely hostile environments at night or during the day. The design of the Mi-17 V5 medium-lifter was based on the Mi-8 airframe. This helicopter retains the excellent performance and features of its older model.

In December 2008, the Indian Ministry of Defence signed a 1.3 billion deal with a Russian helicopter company for 80 helicopters. Its delivery to the Indian Air Force (IAF) began in 2011. Under which 36 helicopters came in early 2013. One Mi-17 V5 helicopter is priced at Rs 121 crore.

Features of Mi-17 V5 Helicopter

Mi-17 V5 Helicopter

➤ The Mi-17 V5 helicopter can fly in tropical and marine climates as well as in desert areas. The helicopter is believed to be capable of flying in mountainous and remote areas up to an altitude of 6000 meters. This helicopter is capable of flying even in extremely difficult conditions.

➤ These helicopters are equipped with an extended rappelling and parachute equipment, searchlights, starboard sliding door, Forward Looking Infrared system (FLIR) and emergency flotation system.

➤ The maximum takeoff weight of this helicopter is 13,000 kg. It can carry 36 armed soldiers together or on a sling weighing 4,500 kg.

➤ This helicopter is capable of carrying more than 30 people at a time or carrying 4 tons of military equipment. This helicopter can travel in the air at a maximum speed of 280 kilometers per hour.

➤ Helicopter’s glass cockpit is equipped with modern avionics, including four multifunction displays (MFD), night-vision equipment, an onboard weather radar and autopilot system. An upgraded cockpit reduces the workload of pilots.

➤ The Mi-17 V5 helicopter, specially designed for India, includes navigation, information display and queuing system.

➤ The Mi-17 V5 helicopter is equipped with an S-8 rocket, shturm missile, a 23mm machine gun, a PKT machine gun and an AKM sub-machine gun. There are eight firing posts targeting weapons.

➤ These helicopters can target enemies, armored vehicles, ground-based targets, strong fire posts and rotary targets.

➤ The cockpit and key parts of this helicopter are covered with armored plates. For gunner protection, the rear machine gun area is also covered with armored plates.

➤ The fuel tanks of the MI-17 V5 Helicopter are sealed and filled with foam polyurethane and are explosion-proof. The helicopter includes a flares dispenser, engine-exhaust infrared (IR) suppressor, and jammer. Once refueled, the MI-17 V5 helicopter can cover a distance of up to 580 km.

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Use of Mi-17 V5 Helicopter

The Mi-17 V5 is used to transport the most important people in India, the President, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defence, and senior Army officials. Also many VVIP in India use Mi-17 V5 helicopters.

The same helicopter is also used for various military operations by the Defence Forces personnel to carry military equipment. Not only this, the helicopters are also used in search and rescue operations as well as for rescue and relief work during floods and heavy rains.

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MI-17 V5 Helicopter Operations

The MI-17 V5 is involved in important operations in India, such as the NSG Commando helicopter that landed in Colaba during the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks to fight the terrorists. According to the report, a Pakistani launch pad was destroyed in a surgical strike on the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir in September 2016 with the help of the same helicopter.

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Q. How much is an MI-17 helicopter?

Despite congressional sanctions, the United States continued to purchase helicopters for Afghanistan in 2013. In all, 63 Mi-17s were acquired through the 2011 contract at a cost of US$16.4 to US$18.4 million each, or US$4 to US$6 million each more than a refurbished American Chinook.

Q. What is the difference between Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopter?

The only visible difference between the Mi-8 and the Mi-17 is that the tail rotor is on the right side of the Mi-8, while the Mi-17 has it on the left. Also, the Mi-17 has some better armor plating for its crew. The naval Mil Mi-14 variant is also derived from the Mi-8.

Q. How many people can a MI 17 helicopter carry?

The Mi-17 fighter is proven, strong, and reliable. This helicopter has a crew of 3 people including a pilot, co-pilot, and flight engineer. The Mi-17 can carry 24 passengers and even smaller vehicles. It has an internal payload capacity of 4,000 kg.

Q. Who makes Mi-17 helicopter?

Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant With Kazan Helicopters.

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