What is Universal Joint : 8 Types, Working & Functions

A Universal Joint is a joint or coupling that connects rigid rods whose axes are bent to each other and are commonly used in shafts that transmit rotary motion. It consists of a pair of hinges placed close together, connected by a cross shaft, oriented at 90 ° to each other. Hello friends, you may have heard … Read more

Multi Plate Clutch : Types, Parts, Working & Diagram

Multi Plate Clutch

The Multi Plate Clutch uses multiple clutch plates to make contact with the engine flywheel to transfer power between the engine shaft and the transmission shaft. A multi-plate clutch used in automobiles and machinery where high torque output is required. WHAT IS MULTI PLATE CLUTCH? The multi plate clutch uses multiple clutch plates to make contact with the … Read more

Single Plate Clutch : Working, Constructon, Pros & Cons

Single Plate Clutch

A Single Plate Clutch has one clutch plate. This clutch works on the principle of friction. It is the most common type of clutch used in motor vehicles. The clutch primarily consists of two members, one mounted on the driving shaft and the other on the driven shaft. Apart from this in this article, we look at the following … Read more