2022 Tata Tiago Specifications, Safety Features, Price

The cars by the Tata Group are known for their efficient functioning and durability. The Tiago hatchback launched by Tata Motors faced tough competition in the market but had a large number of people who opted to buy the car. Tata Tiago car price was why many people bought the car happily.

Tata Tiago

Tiago has already made a mark in the people’s minds due to the efficient safety features, steady driving functions and a cost that does not damage the wallets of the people. Recently, the car has got a new style and some additional features.

Tata has claimed that the current model has strengths similar to previous ones but with a better design. In addition, the current model has caught the attention of young drivers due to its unique look and specific add-ons. Overall, Tata Tiago 5 seater hatchback sold 64,944 units in 2021.

Let’s discuss about its amazing features and specifications :

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Tata Tiago specifications

The Tata Tiago offers a seating capacity of five. It comes with a total of sixteen variants of the Tata Tiago. Tata Tiago XE is the base model, Tata Tiago XZ has doubleton roof, and CNG is the top model. Moreover, the petrol variants have now offered CNG as the fuel source which has increased the efficiency of the car. In addition, the company has focused on caring for the environment. Therefore, CNG kit has also been given in CNG-powered variants. All the possible specifications and features of the Tiago can be given in the Tata Tiago at Droom. The specifications do not end here.

The car has an engine up to 1199 cc with both a manual and an automatic gear transmission depending upon the model one purchases. Talking about the mileage given by the car ranges from 24.8 km/L to 26.4 km/L. The city mileage is around 15.5 km/kg. Three cylinders are present in the car, which can produce maximum power and a maximum torque of 72.39 bhp at 6000 RPM and 95 Nm at 3500 RPM.

Some major features of the car include power steering, an anti-lock braking system, wheel covers, automatic climate control, front fog lights, airbags for both driver and passengers and power windows front. The weight of the car is around 1040 kg to 1087 kg. The front suspension has a lower and independent wishbone and a coil spring attached to the McPherson Strut. While the rear suspension has a closed profile and a partially independent twisted beam having a dual-path strut.

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Know about the price of Tata Tiago

Price of Petrol Variants

  • XT Option: 6.24 lakh
  • XT Limited Edition: 6.35 lakh
  • XT: 6.40 lakh
  • XZ: 7.01 lakh
  • XTA AMT: 7.17 lakh
  • XZ Plus: 7.48 lakh
  • XZ Plus Dual Tone Roof: 7.61 lakh
  • XZA AMT: 7.61 lakh
  • XZA Plus AMT: 8.08 lakh
  • XZA Plus Dual Tone Roof AMT: 8.21 lakh

Price of CNG Variants

  • XE CNG: 6.91 lakh
  • XM CNG: 7.24 lakh
  • XT CNG: 7.57 lakh
  • XZ Plus CNG: 8.48 lakh
  • XZ Plus Dual Tone Roof CNG: 8.61 lakh

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Tata Tiago Safety Features

Tata Tiago comprises the features that ensure a safe driving experience. Tata has stated that it is their first-ever car that has come up with advanced safety measures to ensure customers’ protection.

Tata Tiago

Airbags are commonly present in almost all cars. Still, people often hurt themselves due to over speeding or avoiding putting on the seatbelt. These basic safety features are the pillars to protect an individual from road casualties, and still, people tend to avoid these.

 😊 The safety features in Tata Tiago include :

  • A speed alert system that alters the driver while over-speeding.
  • Seatbelt reminder for passengers to make them aware that the seat belt is necessary.
  • The seat belts have pre-tensioners along with the load limiters.

😊 Other safety features include :

  • Anti Lock Braking System
  • Electronic Brake Distribution
  • Corner Stability control
  • Sensors for Rear parking

The people who want to purchase Tata Tiago but cannot do so can check for the pre-owned Tata Tiago variants. Many authentic websites have provided a platform for both the buyers and sellers of used vehicles. Droom is one of them.

It is not known whether the recent model of Tata Tiago would be available for sale on these websites, but the slightly older ones have a greater chance to be found.

Make sure to check all the specifications before purchasing a pre-owned Tata Tiago. I prefer an authentic seller due to privacy and security reasons.

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Tata Tiago promises a better driving experience than ever before as the firm has added many features and functions never found in the Tata cars before.

People are curious about the safety features Tata has added to the Tiago series, and hence many of them have fixed their eyes on this car. However, while claiming to provide optimum protection, the firm also claims improvement in standard features.

Tata Tiago has tough competition as many other brands have left no room for inconsistencies in their cars.

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