10 Important Tips To Avoid Road Accidents 🏍️

Tips To Avoid Road Accidents – The use of motorcycles has become common in today’s fast lifestyle. Whether in the city or rural areas, there is a tremendous bike craze everywhere, especially among the youth. Every day new motorcycles are being launched in the market. As the use of motorcycles is increasing, road accidents are also increasing. Accident news is heard every day.

Many people in India go to driving school to learn cars, but hardly any driving school goes to learn bikes. This is why people learn to ride bikes from here and there, but they do not know the right way and rules of riding bikes on the road.

But if a little care is taken then these accidents can be avoided. So if you can ride a bike, or you are driving regularly or learning to ride a bike, then you should follow the suggestions given below.

10 Tips To Avoid Road Accidents

Top Tips To Avoid Road Accidents

Tips To Avoid Road Accidents
Tips To Avoid Road Accidents

Install a Helmet

It is very important to keep your head safe while driving. Most road accidents have seen severe head injuries. Therefore, whether traveling is small or big, it is very important to wear a helmet while carrying a bike and a good quality helmet with the ISI mark.

Installing a helmet while driving a motorcycle is subject to traffic regulations. Many times if drivers are not wearing helmets during checking, they try to avoid the traffic police and a serious accident occurs. Therefore, it is very important to wear a helmet while driving a bike in terms of safety and also in terms of rules.

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Side Stand

After starting the bike your first task should be to check the side stand. This is a small matter, but it is very important in terms of security. People do not take care of this small thing and sometimes an accident happens.

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Walk To The Left of The Road

When you leave the bike on the road, sometimes you find the road empty and you arbitrarily drive the car across the road. It is utterly wrong to do so. Regardless of the road, you keep your bike to the left. Because on the right side people are driving at very high speed and any high-speed car, bike or truck can come from behind.

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OverTake From The Left Side

Never use the space on the left side to overtake. While doing so, the vehicle you are overtaking is free to turn your vehicle towards you. During this time, you can get hit by that vehicle.

Do Not Race

Many times you get excited by seeing a motorcycle or car going by your side and start to confront it. Not at all like this. Because it can be fatal at times.


On the road, it is important to give the worn indicator by turning the bike to the right. With this, the person coming from your front and back will know your turn and will be alert. During this time you should also look at the vehicles coming from behind in the side mirror of your bike, then turn the bike to the right.

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Driving Under Stress

Whenever you are under stress or in any anxiety, you should avoid any form of driving. Because when you are under stress, you are not able to pay full attention to driving while driving, which is very important for any type of driving.

Mobile Access

Using mobile while driving is a violation of traffic rules. Mobile usage can be very dangerous during any type of driving. While talking on mobile, you can get distracted by a motorcycle ride and unfortunately an accident. Therefore, do not use the mobile at all while riding the bike and if there is too much emergency, use the mobile-only after stopping the empty roadside car.

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Roadside Vehicles

When riding a bike, always note that never take a bike from a car parked on the road or near any vehicle. Because do not know when the person sitting in the car opens the car door or drives the car.

Put Both Brakes Together

When riding a bike, it would be best to use or try two brakes simultaneously. Because applying both brakes reduces the chances of motorcycle falling.

FAQ – Tips To Avoid Road Accidents

How can we prevent road accidents?

1. Drive vehicle in prescribed speed limit on different roads.
2. Always wear a helmet, seat belt and other safety equipment before riding a bicycle/motorcycle/vehicle.
3. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol.
4. Never use a mobile phone or ear phone while driving.

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