What is BS6 Engine Technology And Is BS6 Engine Good?

In this article, we talk about What Is Bs6 Engine, Bs6 Engine Full Form, BS4 Vs BS6 Engine, Bs6 Engine Technology, How To Identify Bs6 Engine? all information in detail.

What Is BS6 Engine?

The full name of BS-VI is Bharat Stage 6, we have completely skipped BS-V and comes to BS-IV to BS-VI which is a great thing. The BS-IV engine used so far had a high amount of sulfur, which emitted a higher amount of Particulate Matter (PM) Limit, which was a major reason for air pollution at the same time it was more harmful to human health.

In BS-VI vehicles, the manufacturers will use an advanced emission control kit and other tools which will reduce emissions by 70 percent in diesel vehicles and 25 percent in petrol vehicles. Apart from this, the fuel used in BS-VI vehicles will also be different, in which the amount of sulfur will be less.

What Is BS6 Engine Technology
BS6 Engine

What Is BS Norms? ( BS6 Engine Technology )

Bharat Stage Emission Standards were introduced in the year 2000, these are the emission standards set up by the central government to control the pollutants released from the engines.

There are many different types of norms that have been implemented over time by the Central Pollution Control Board which comes under the Ministry of Environment and Forest and Climate Change. Bharat Stage Norms are based on European regulations. And BS4 norms have been implemented in our country from April 2017.

What is Bharat Emission Standards?

  • According to the Euro Norms adopted by Bharat Stage, there should be a maximum limit to leave pollutants for all vehicles. Pollutants such as CO2, nitrogen oxide, sulfur and suspended particulate matter.
  • If a vehicle abandons its pollutant more than its specified limit, it cannot be sold in Europe.
  • In our country, we follow Euro Norms as Bharat Stage Norms. Which we are slowly implementing in all the cities of our country.

BS4 vs BS6 Engine

Under BS4 emission norms, the engine of the vehicle is designed to remove the amount of sulfur from the smoke emanating from it based on the Government of India’s fixed scale. Low sulfur fuel (diesel) is used for this. For this, the fuel grade is decided by the government.

CO emission or carbon monoxide emission is mainly found in petrol engines. And due to exposure to them for a long time, oxygen transfer can also be reduced, which can also cause headaches and nausea. HC emission or Hydrocarbon is mainly found in petrol engines and coming in contact with them for a short time can also cause headaches, vomiting, and disorientation.

NOx emission or Nitrogen Oxide emission is mainly found in diesel engines. Exposure to them for a long time can cause inflammation in the ears and eyes and can also cause our Lung tissue damage. PM or Particulate Matter is mainly found in diesel engines. Due to exposure to them for a long time, patients can also stop the function of respiratory drain and lung function.

What changes are coming due to BS6?

  1. The vehicles will have a PDF (diesel particulate filter) fit which will result in a reduction of Particulate Matter. It is a cylinder-shaped object which is vertically mounted in the compartment of the engine.
  2. SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) Module will be installed to reduce Nitrogen Oxide in vehicles.
  3. To achieve very low emission, all the reaction must be in precise quantity, to which the Microprocessor is used.
  4. Car manufacturers will have to make such Petrol Engines which reduce CO emission and keep it under control. For this, they may also have to use gasoline direct injection engines.
  5. To make the engines more efficient, they may have to be shortened. So that the engines will have minimum fuel consumption.
  6. The demand for Hybrid Engines will increase significantly as it can reduce emissions, can keep Performance Level instead.
  7. Cars can also be more expensive because instruments that prevent emissions are more expensive.
  8. This may increase the desire for alternate fuel. Such as hybrid cars like Electric cars, Ethanol blends, LPG and Petrol-electric and Diesel-electric cars.

Effects of BS6 Norms on Indian Automobile Industry

  1. If BS6 is adopted then about 80,000 crores will be needed to replace our oil refining infrastructure.
  2. The biggest challenge will be for BS6 Engine according to the fuel which is needed for both Petrol and diesel.
  3. In our country, where people like small cars, there will be a lot of change in the design of the car to fit the PDF, which can increase its price.
  4. A lot of design changes may have to be made to fit the SCR module, for which it will take a lot of time and after that, it may also take more time to optimize it.

BS6 vehicles will be more expensive

The price of vehicles equipped with BS6 engines will increase, but there will not be much difference in petrol vehicles. While the price will increase from Rs 15 to 20 thousand in petrol vehicles, the price of diesel vehicles can increase up to Rs 2.5 lakh.

BS6 grade fuel will also come

Petrol-diesel for BS6 vehicles will also come in BS6 grade. And this fuel can also be expensive by Rs 1.5 to 2 per liter. BS6 fuel will be introduced across the country from April 1, 2020. However, Abi is also getting BS6 fuel at selected petrol pumps in some places including Delhi, Bangalore. This fuel will reduce carbon emissions.

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Advantages of BS6 Engine

  1. Hazardous substances like polluting lead, sulfur in BS6 fuel will be significantly reduced.
  2. The BS6 engine will be designed in such a way that the amount of sulfur from the smoke emanating from it is based on the scale of the Government of India.
  3. This will significantly reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.
  4. The amount of sulfur in BS6 fuel will be 5 times less than that of BS4.
  5. Nitrogen oxide emissions reduce by 68 percent from diesel vehicles and 25 percent from petrol cars.
  6. The mileage of BS6 engine vehicles will also be better than the BS4 engine.


Q. What is bs6 engine?

In BS-VI engines, the manufacturers will use an advanced emission control kit and other tools which will reduce emissions by 70 percent in diesel vehicles and 25 percent in petrol vehicles.

Q. How to check bs4 or bs6 engine?

1. Check RC book.
2. The bs4 or bs6 engine will be written in owners manual that came with the vehicle.
3. Date of Manufacturing : The new cars that are being manufactured these days are based on BS6 engines.
4. Pollution figures are different in BS-IV and BS-VI engines when the vehicle goes through a pollution test.

Q. How to identify bs6 engine?

The bs6 engine is relatively cleaner than the bs4 engine which reduces combustion. Also the bs6 engine has less noise and less fuel consumption than the bs4 engine.

Q. What is bs6 engine full form?

The full form of bs6 engine is Bharat Stage 6.

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